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The Hiring Manager Collaboration Playbook
Your Guide to Global Recruitment
How to Conduct Better Interviews
9 Things Recruiters Need to Stop Doing
Hiring Playbook
The Hiring Manager Collaboration Playbook

When it comes to hiring, there’s nothing more important than collaboration and streamlined feedback. After all, it’s a scarce talent market and you need to move fast to win the best candidates. So why does it continue to be so hard to orchestrate collaboration for recruiting teams?

This cheatsheet was created to make seamless collaboration across recruiting teams and hiring managers even easier.





Global Recruitment
Your Guide to Global Recruitment
Global CEO’s across the U.S., Europe and Asia currently have one thing in common: their #1 priority is to attract top talent (Conference Board). Whether you recruit in one locale or plan to expand into new countries, hiring in today’s climate comes with many challenges. 

Global recruiting can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. To set the record straight, we tapped 12 experts from organizations like IDC and Leapgen to share their insights on global recruitment such as:

  • How to create a localized candidate experience and ensure compliance
  • Must-have technologies to find top talent around the world
  • Examples of how leading brands achieved submit
Better Interviews 2
How to Conduct Better Interviews

A bad hire can decrease productivity, profit, and employee engagement, so there’s no room for mistakes during the interview process. This new guide will provide you everything you need for a better way to interview.

Be prepped and prepared with:

  • Checklists to use before and after posting a job
  • Templates to help recruiters streamline the interview process
  • Questions to ask to ensure candidates are the right fit

Get your complete interview guide today!

9 Things
9 Things Recruiters Need to Stop Doing

In work as in romance, one thing remains true: Breakups can be hard. But turnover can usually be prevented through better hiring processes. Read this eBook to discover how recruiters can avoid bad hires and the breakups they’re bound to cause.

Read this eBook and learn:

  • Mistakes to avoid in the recruiting process
  • Job description best practices
  • Ways to simplify interviews
  • How to nail the reference call
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