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Is Logistics at a Tipping Point for Cloud and Emerging Technology Adoption?
9 Secrets to Cut Fleet Costs
The Budget-Friendly Way to Double Your Productivity
Putting Team Communications to Work in Transportation and Logistics
Is Logistics at a Tipping Point for Cloud and Emerging Technology Adoption?

Roughly 7 of 10 supply chain professionals see cloud solutions as being a "game changer" or providing significant or reasonable impact on growth, according to a recent survey. And while many have yet to adopt advances like AI and blockchain, respondents believe emerging technologies will rise in importance over the next two years. Read the survey report to find out which technologies are helping them tackle their most pressing challenges, including cost containment, lack of real-time visibility, and maintaining strong customer service.

9 Secrets
9 Secrets to Cut Fleet Costs

Hidden and preventable expenses may be hurting your bottom line.

There are several areas where fleet costs may be

adding up unknowingly:

  • Miscalculating payroll or overpaying on overtime
  • Unauthorized vehicle usage
  • Fuel used by each driver
  • Not tracking maintenance schedules

Check out 9 secrets to help you reduce costs of operating your business.


The Budget-Friendly Way to Double Your Productivity
In the shipping, transportation, and logistics industry, you’re likely managing a workforce across multiple locations, making communication extra challenging.

But there is an easy solution to these logistical nightmares: Text messaging can help your organization in recruitment, retention, and ongoing corporate communication with a mobile or project-based workforce. No more tracking down individuals or figuring out the most effective point of contact. With text messaging, you’re reaching your workforce — and potential talent — quickly and effectively.
Logistics Man
Putting Team Communications to Work in Transportation and Logistics
Effective communications are the foundation for any good team, and the transportation and logistics (T&L) sector is no exception. Charged with managing the warehousing, inventory, and movement of freight across the supply chain — both through internal and external distribution networks — T&L professionals rely on high levels of team collaboration to get the job done right.

By helping companies leverage the knowledge, talents, and insights of their people, effective team communications ensures that customers get their deliveries when, how, and where they want them. Meeting those expectations in today’s fast-paced, demanding distribution environment requires reliable, clear voice and data logistics communications that start at the warehouse and end at the point of delivery.

In this white paper, we explore the key challenges that T&L companies are facing in today’s business environment and hear how instant push-to-talk and advanced video surveillance can help them develop streamlined supply chains that go the distance.
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